4x4 in Schools – The Competition.

The Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge requires students to build a radio controlled four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle to the specifications provided by the International Rules Committee. It must successfully navigate and complete obstacles on an off-road test track which is just as demanding as a real off-road situation. The vehicle must emulate the capabilities of a full size 4x4 vehicle. After designing, testing and manufacturing the vehicle, all results are presented in a 20 page written portfolio, several presentations judged by experts and a pit display. Each team will enter the vehicle into a Regional Final to compete for a place at the National Final in their country. The National Champions from each country are then invited to compete at the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools World Finals!

Meet the team

All4One. For us that means team spirit, unity and friendship. We don´t just want to participate, we want to walk down that difficult path together as ONE TEAM. Working on the project we spend an awful lot of time together, we need to be supportive and motivate each other. We know, that of we work together as one unity, we are going to achieve our goals and working (and living together) will be more fun. With us being the first ever German team participating at Land Rover 4x4 in schools we are facing a very special challenge. But we are convinced that with all our experience we have gained at F1 in schools and the right team spirit we can reach this ONE GOAL.

  • Sophie Team Manager

    Sophie is 17 years old and responsible for the team management at All4One. In her free time she plays saxophone, sails competitively and is also involved in debating. She participated at F1 in schools twice, both times on national basis. Last year she was in New Zealand but joined us for the world finals.

  • Julia Graphic Designer

    With her being the oldest in the team, Julia has participated at f1 in schools four times already. Julia is responsible for the Design at All4One. In her free time she loves doing gymnastics with her gymnastics team. She also has developed a passion for drawing, especially Japanese comics, hence her responsibility as graphic designer. Julia joined the team after the Nationals.

  • Julian Manufacturing Engineer

    Julian is responsible for the manufacturing process and the financing of our project. Whenever he is not involved in any technical projects, he is spending his leisure time on the water either rowing or sailing offshore races. Malte and him have developed the fastest F1 in schools car at the German National Finals and so got our spot for Abu Dhabi.

  • Malte Design Engineer

    With his great passion for engineering Malte develops our car for the World Finals. After school you will find him either running, doing judo or fiddling with some new ideas for any technological project you can think of. Malte was in the original All4One team as well and was able to gain experience at F1 in schools for the second time.

Team History

Until May 2017 we all had never heard of the “4x4 in Schools” competition.
So now, that we are going to World Finals we only have six month to understand what this new challenge is all about. To explain how we even got the crazy idea of taking on that extraordinary challenge we will try to explain the team history.

It all started in September 2016 when four talented students from Gymnasium Grootmoor in Hamburg, Germany came together to participate at F1 in schools. They had all participated in earlier in different teams and decided to form a new team to be even more successful together.
F1 in Schools is very popular in Germany and especially at Gymnasium Grootmoor it has its own tradition. In the last 10 years we sent 8 teams to represent Germany to the World Finals. We have our own F1 in Schools subject, a separate F1 in Schools room and two highly motivated teachers that support us. Usually about 10 teams from our school enter the Hamburg regional finals.

Speaking in very general terms F1 in Schools is not too different from 4x4 in schools. The teams need to write a portfolio, build a pit display, hold several presentations and develop and manufacture a car given strict technical rules. But the car is about one fourth of the size and all about speed. The track is straight and 20m long, without any obstacles. The car doesn´t have an engine, it is equipped with a small Co2 gas container. So the competitions is actually quite different.
So we went to Regional Finals and won them in the senior class. That was a big achievement for us, the teams in Hamburg are always quite strong and we managed to win against the other teams, get the price for the best portfolio and the best pit display and a track time of 1,136 seconds (only 0,009 seconds behind the fastest track time). All the hard work of the last months was actually worth it. That day we got closer to our initial goal; going to World Finals!

Then the National Finals followed, which should have been the biggest challenge so far. We were about to meet the 16 best German teams that all fought for the first three places to go to World Finals that day. We worked even harder and challenged ourselves and the team community. But All4One simply means working together, and supporting each other in the good as well as the bad times. That day we managed to get the fastest track racing time of all German teams. But there was also a big disappointment: We only placed fourth and missed the ticket to go to World Finals.
But some weeks later there were good news. Because of our technical innovations and outstanding team performance we got invited to go to “4x4 in Schools” World Finals that day. We couldn´t believe that we were still able to realise our dream; going to World Finals and representing Germany. But no good news without compromises. Susi and Christoph had decided that because of school and the final exams coming up they are not able to come with us. At this point a big Thank You to both of them, you guys were awesome and the time we spent together will never be forgotten.

Since our team was missing at least two people we had to find new members for the new All4One team facing the biggest challenge ever. Going to “4x4 In Schools” World Finals without any experience. We choose Sophie and Julia, both very experienced girls from our school to join the team. We are excited for the path that we are going to walk along together, to get to World Finals in Abu Dhabi in December and all little disappointments and successes celebrated together. This is All4One. One Team, One Goal.

"Talent wins games. But teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Michael Jordans

  • 262 scoops of ice cream eaten
  • 51 classmates that think we are nerds
  • 0 4x4 in Schools competitions we have participated at


Without the support of all our partners we would have never got so far. Thanks to you all!

Become a sponsor

To participate at “4x4 in Schools” successfully, we need your support!
4x4 in schools in a non-profit project, which means that we need to convince companies but also private persons to support us on our way to Abu Dhabi. There is serval possibilities to support us. Either through a financial sponsorship, through a non-monetary sponsorship (e.g. material or service) or through sharing knowledge.
Send us an E-Mail if you are interested or want to lean more.


“Sustainability takes forever. That’s the point”

William McDonough

All4One. That also means that we try to find a good balance between meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do so as well. We made sustainable working part of our team values. Sustainability starts with the raw materials and ends with the “end of life” of a product. But working sustainable doesn´t just mean no using plastic bags or not driving somewhere by car. We want to show the world that even as a teenager in our daily lives we it is not hard to act sustainable and make sustainable decisions. On this page we want to share our sustainable working process with you.

Social Sustainability: Focusses on the effect on people. When people produce things for us they need to work under fair conditions in a healthy environment. By trying to produce as much as we can ourselves we minimize the risk of our project having a negative impact on people. For everything we can´t produce ourselves we check the circumstances and companies policies regarding their workers carefully before we buy something. We make sure that all our raw materials are from Europe since we have stricter laws and regulations on fair working conditions then other Non-European Countries. For us another part of social responsibility is how people are going to participate at 4x4 in Schools in the future. Considering this point we have developed a sustainable training program for younger students from our school. (READ MORE: Unser Facebook, link the azubi teams facebook,) We have made it our responsibility to promote the 4x4 in Schools competition in the country since we are the first German team ever to participate. We will work together closely with the organization team of F1 in Schools to make 4x4 a permanent part of the technology challenges at German schools.

Environmental Sustainability: Focuses on the effect on the environment. We measured the impact of our project on the environment by calculating our carbon footprint. But we also tried to limit the discharge of Co2 being blown into the atmosphere by simply limiting the usage of for example our cars. To team meetings and to school we only go by bike and also when we had meetings with sponsors we used public transport. We found it quite easy to be more sustainable with our choice of transportation since Hamburg had a very good public transportation system and lots of places are easy to reach via bikes. Obviously it is not possible to totally cut off all carbon emissions. For example to get to Abu Dhabi we are taking a plane.
In the end we calculated all our carbon emissions into our team carbon footprint. To create an offset we found out that the most efficient way is simply planting trees. And that’s what we are doing.

Economic Sustainability: Focusses on the effect on the economy. Should we produce locally or internationally? What impact will it have on our local economy? In general we can say that we tried to produce as much as we can ourselves and if this wasn´t possible locally. It also made it more plannable and reliable if you don´t have to rely on international delivery but local stores with people you can talk to. Economic Sustainability also means not spending more resources than necessary. So we tried to reuse and recycle a lot. For example for the pit display, we reused parts from the National Finals Pit Display and tried to borrow most of the electronics from the school or other old Teams. Also we tried to reward our sponsors as good as possible through the multiple Return of Investment concepts. Through accurate planning we made sure not to calculate with too much or not enough resources.

The car

It is a secret until the rollout. Check our social media for updates and sneak peeks.